January 2020
January 2020 - To the future

I was full of optimism when visiting our cottage in the Highlands ahead of Christmas. There was a healthy covering of snow on the hills which would surely last for several weeks to come. Sadly the weather into and over the Christmas period remained overcast and, at times, wet resulting in a gradual disappearance of snow. The light remained gloomy at best and the constant threat of rain provided little motivation for photography.

Out of desperation, I ventured out to the River Tromie on Christmas Eve. The drizzle had stopped but there was no light to speak of, hence it was time to omit the sky from any image. An emerging pine branch embedded within rock provided the foundation for an image and the damp stone glistening from moisture as the river swept past filled in the rest. I was also interested to see water droplets hanging from birch branches which gave the appearance of tiny lights. Using a shallow aperture, I grabbed some images with the intention to throw most of the droplets out of focus to provide a snow-like feel to the picture (see image). Considering the conditions, I was pleased to have come away with something and backs up my belief that if you look hard enough there is always a photograph to be had whatever the weather.

We also headed out to a waterfall near Glenfeshie which cascades through a pine wood. The melting snow and overnight rain provided plenty of water to bring the falls to life. As I was with family members I was limited in how long I could spend taking photographs and it remains a place I need to return to with more time and in better weather. Nevertheless, the power and noise of the water rushing down the slope was mesmerising.

I need to refresh my red squirrel pictures in the forthcoming months and so started up my feeding station in the local wood. Light levels prevented any photography on this visit but I shall be back up soon to give them a thorough workout!

Come the New Year, thoughts turn towards the next twelve months and what they might bring from a photographic perspective. Due to a change in lifestyle and circumstances, I hope to have more time to devote to photography resulting in a new project, new book, new commercial ventures and greater opportunities to capture Scotland's amazing wildlife and scenery. May 2020 bring you all you wish for.