Grey squirrel, Water of Leith

May 2021 - New found freedoms

The sunny, if a little cold, weather during April has brought out a wonderful display of spring flowers. I have found a little wood in the south of Edinburgh which has clumps of all the usual suspects - celandine, primroses, wood anemones, sorrel, one flowered leek and bluebells - which I have found totally absorbing to photograph. There are different ways and styles to capture flowers and experimenting with these has produced some interesting and satisfying results. As my interest in photographic creativity develops, it has been enjoyable trying to reflect this in my flower images.

I took a walk through Edinburgh's Saughton Park which has undergone a massive redevelopment over the last few years. Not only does it have beautifully laid out gardens but the wildlife is fairly abundant. The Water of Leith runs round two sides of the park and while looking for kingfishers, there is always plenty of bird life in the trees. The full variety of garden birds are present, including bullfinches, long tailed tits and treecreepers but the challenge to capture an image of them still remains!

Now travel restrictions have lifted, I have enjoyed returning to the East Lothian coastline for evening visist to photograph the amazing sunsets over the Firth of Forth. It is a landscape and location I am constantly drawn back to - not just for the photography but, I guess, for the peace and tranquility while experiencing nature’s colours and sounds. There has been much written and said about mental wellbeing during the covid lockdowns and these types of evenings allow me to ‘reset the equilibrium.’ Every visit is different as the tide, weather and sky are never the same allowing for a slightly different image every time.

I have posted a new gallery in the Portfolio section called ‘Winter’s Toll.’ It captures decaying plants against the backdrop of the Water of Leith and the photographs were taken over the last few months while waiting for otters and kingfishers to turn up; neither ever did but it pays to use one’s spare time wisely and there is always so much more to explore and enjoy along the river bank. That said, if it wasn’t for the ‘Portfolio’ section on my website, I would probably have overlooked such an opportunity! Whenever out, I am now thinking in terms of producing a collection of six or more images to capture the essence, beauty and/or atmosphere of the subject I am photographing. It certainly gives a fresh take and perspective to one’s photography.